Mädchenhaus Bremen gGmbH

  • Contact Point and Counselling Centre
  • Girls* Centre
  • Girls* Helpline
  • Girls* Shelter
  • 2 Girls* Group Homes
  • Ambulant Care

What is the meaning of the asterisk after the word girls*? For whom are we there?

We use the asterisk after the word girls* in order to emphasise that girls* are all different, meaning their gender, origin, religion, education as well as the financial situation of their families and much more.

Contact Point and Counselling Centre

We are a counselling centre for girls* in Bremen between 11 and 27 years for all topics, questions and problems. Our counselling is free of charge. The girls* decide themselves whether they want to make use of a conversation in the counselling centre. They arrange the appointment themselves and decide what they would like to talk about. The girls* may bring along friends, whether male or female or another person. We as counsellors are bound by professional discretion and work for the benefit of the girls*. In other words, we stand by the girls’* side and talk to no one about the things the girls* are entrusting us with. No one will come to know that they were even here.

Our counselling centre is not completely barrier-free. We try to find solutions in the case of obstacles and to make counselling possible.

Individual counselling: by telephone appointment (0421) 33 65 444

Counselling without appointment: wednesdays 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Online counselling: www.hilfe-fuer-maedchen.de

Girls* Centre

Our Girls* Centre is a place for girls in the city district Gröpelingen. Girls* from the age of 12 can come here for leisure time, education and counselling. During school weeks the centre is open from Monday to Friday starting at 2.30pm in the afternoon. In the centre you can spend time by doing handicrafts, cooking, doing sports, playing table football, playing table tennis, just hanging out and much more.

When you’re in the centre you can spend your time with us and the other girls*. If you would rather be alone that’s fine as well. In our girls* centre you decide by yourself how you want to spend your time.

During school holidays we go on trips and do workshops together.

Girls* Helpline

0421 – 34 11 20

On the Helpline you can reach an employee from Mädchenhaus Bremen around-the-clock. Girls* can call and get counselling via phone as well as information about possibilities about getting taken into care in emergency situations.

Girls* Shelter

Our Girls* Shelter is a safe space with an anonymous address. Girls* until the age of 17 can get taken into care around-the-clock if the Social Services in Bremen decide as such. If you need help and support as fast as possible please call the Children- and Youth-Helpline Bremen 0421 – 6991133.

Girls* Group Homes and Ambulant Care

Girls* and young women* find new homes in our Group Homes as well as in our Ambulant Care when they can no longer stay with their families. The Social Services are responsible for the organization of a placement in a group home or into ambulant care. You can get more information and counselling at the Social Services or you can also come to our Counselling Centre from Mädchenhaus.